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Hawaii is one of the best wedding locations in the world. Whether you’re looking to have a traditional or a modern wedding, Hawaii provides the perfect modern wedding scenery. From Boho to Elegant today's wedding in Hawaii has it all. Recording that wedding in the style and feel you are looking for requires a knowledgeable professional photographer. Wedding photography is an art that is a collaboration between the couple and their photographer. The couple brings the ideas and style request and the modern wedding photographer brings the vision of their wedding to life. They employ their talent, experience and expertise for your benefit. Immortalize the greatest event in your life with modern wedding photography in Hawaii from the best photographers in Honolulu.

There are two common types of modern weddings frequently celebrated around the US and in Hawaii. Most young couples dream of leaving their mark with their special event, and that’s why they choose to do either a modern elegant or DIY, BOHO style wedding. We are going to compare the two and you will find they aren't all that different when it comes to how they are put together. 

Destination couples who decide to get married in Hawaii, opt for smaller scale weddings, with around 30 to 50 guests. While weddings held for local families can include hundreds of guests. Either way communicating your specific style of wedding to your photographer will help them to grasp the feel, colors, scale and lighting needed to achieve your ideal wedding.

Whatever you may consider important for your modern wedding in Hawaii, think of quality photography as an inherent condition. Regardless of the type of wedding you'll only want to hire a true masters of wedding photography. A skilled and seasoned wedding professional who knows Hawaii.

In this article, we’ll discuss both types of modern weddings, elegant and intimate as well as simple and BOHO. We'll explore why you need to seriously take your professional photographer into account with both styles and why. 

A guide to modern weddings in Hawaii

  • Stick to the budget. Deciding on a maximum budget is the best thing you can do for your wedding and believe us… we know!

Setting your priorities straight helps a lot. If you’re looking for a modern, DIY wedding in Hawaii, it means you won’t have the help of an event planner and you’ll have to do all the financial planning, flowers, invitations, table favors, and maybe even the dress, yourself. Certainly a great financial choice if you have the time.

If your dream wedding means an elegant and high end event for just a few close friends and family, you’ll probably be spending more on the venue to accommodate such an illustrious guest list. The who’s who of your family and friends. You’ll dress to impress and need to have a solid planner to assist you with your location, flowers, transportation and of course the location. The area around Honolulu can provide you with a lot of magical places for you to have your perfect wedding. From four and 5 star hotels to intimate and classic Churches and Gardens.

  • DIY Should Involve Friends and Family. Think of all the fun you can have with the people who are closest to your heart, and imagine all the photo-worthy moments you’ll be getting even before your wedding. Besides, Hawaii is the greatest area to plan and build modern DIY weddings, since you can work on the beach and enjoy some quality time together, hey this place invented the Luau!  

The same goes for an modern elegant wedding: you can get together with the whole gang and let everyone contribute with modern ideas. Shopping is a must, with some of the worlds’ elite clothing and accessory stores right here on Oahu, you can find nearly any hand bag, bridal gift or that special wedding night gown that you are looking for.

invitation card portraitSave the Date photosplan to send out invitations that include professional portraits

  • Get the basics done. The invites, RSVP, thank you cards, program, guestbook, name cards, seating arrangement chart are all issues you have to consider for a wedding regardless of the style of wedding you choose.  

The modern approach consists of having most of these sent via e-mail, so you can spend your budget on other things, which are more worthy to be photographed and remembered.

The typical low-key Hawaiian wedding allows couples to totally disregard name cards and seating arrangements. Who needs that when everybody knows each other?

  • Choose the right decorations and season.

Wedding Table DecorationsClassic, Modern, Wedding In HawaiiDIY, Card, Gift Box One of the biggest mistakes we see in modern weddings is, when couples don't properly adorn their environment, because they believe the Hawaii scenery is enough. While amazing, your wedding day is about so much more, dress it up a little. Take into account the photography side of things, the scenery is only the backdrop to your day. It's those small personal touches that make your wedding day unique and they will be the things that bring back the memories 10 years after you say I do. 

So try to imagine your wedding as a photographer:
do the colors compliment each other? Is the flower arrangement photography-ready? What time of day did you choose for your wedding and how does it match with your outfits?

What about the weather? The seasons in Hawaii change dramatically from summer to winter.... believe it or not.
For instance, depending on which side of the island you are on you may see sunshine all day or be rained on.

Winter months tend to be wet and windy, you will want to avoid the north and eastern shores of all the island for an outdoor wedding.
Summer months can be very hot and dry especially on the south and western shores of our island home. Consider an indoor venue or a late day wedding to avoid cooking your tuxedo wearing groom and all your guests. 

Your photographer will be able to work with any scenario if they are worth their salt. They will also help advise you on when and where to get the best light for your day. The best Hawaii wedding photographers will help you to picture everything as an artistic photograph, making your decisions easy. Remember, Hawaii is a amazing place, but it is only part of the total elements of a wedding.

  • Getting the right venue. There are lots of couples who aren’t natives of Hawaii, but come to the island of Oahu for a small wedding ceremony with their loved ones in a garden or on the beach.

However, intimate elegant or DIY weddings aren’t necessarily cheap. You may need to budget to rent out a ballroom, private estate or even a yacht to entertain your guests after the nuptials.  Depending on where you hold your wedding there may be permits or special permissions necessary for you to actually hold a ceremony or a party. The options are countless here so make sure you get the right one to fit your timeline and your budget.

professional albums and design for your weddingwedding productsevery bride wants to remember her wedding this is how it's done

  • Splurge on photography.  This is the best thing you can do for your wedding, as well as for other important events in your life. A modern wedding in Hawaii or anywhere includes quality photography.  The old story goes, flowers fade, the cake is eaten and the guests all go home. Your photos will be passed on to your children and grand children. They are worth the time and the money.
  • If you’ve decided on a DIY wedding, it doesn’t mean you’ll also have to take care of the photography yourself or ask your uncle with a great camera to do it. Leave your wedding photography to the pros, their experience is invaluable. As artists you who have seen and photographed more weddings than any uncle has been invited to, they will help you remember this day forever. Same goes for the elegant wedding; even if you don’t have many guests, it doesn’t mean you don’t need professional photography to remember it always.

All that being said, when you’re saying “wedding”, you’re also saying “photography”. Even if you don’t like traditional ceremonies, you shouldn’t neglect the importance of the memories that are captured forever through professional photography. As a modern bride your wedding will be so inventive and ingeniously designed that, it actually deserves more to be captured forever by professionals who know how to capture the spirit of your modern wedding in Hawaii.  

Hawaii has a lot to offer couples who want to have a modern wedding: accessibility, blue skies, crystalline waters, magical and inspiring scenery – all waiting to be committed to your memory with flawless photography.


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