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Bride and Groom In HawaiiSunset Wedding HawaiiNorth Shore Beach Wedding Oahu Hawaii Though Hawaii is small, its stunning natural beauty and popularity as a wedding destination have created a booming photography market. Honolulu alone boasts over 400 of the best photographers in Hawaii. Dive into that market, and you will discover a world of talented wedding photographers, as colorful and teeming with life as one of Oahu’s coral reefs. With such an abundance of talent, selecting the right photographer for your wedding can be difficult. A great starting place is to compare the wedding photography packages offered by different companies, who’s wedding photo galleries meet your style. This will help sharpen the focus on your favorite companies' Hawaii photography packages, allowing you to find a photographer that will capture both the vision of your wedding in Hawaii and fit your budget. Contacting these photographers about a free consultation by phone or in person, will solidify your choice, allowing you to ask pointed questions that relate directly to your wedding plans.  


What is and why should I bundle?

Photography packages are designed to maximize organization, efficiency, and cost effectiveness. When you select a Hawaiian wedding photography package, you avoid hidden fees and gain a clear, up-front outline of what you can expect from your photographer. It’s also important to note that the best wedding photographers have years of experience in making the wishes of wedding couples come true. They know the amount of time it takes to capture a wedding, the products that are sure to thrill couples, and even some perks you might not have considered, like enlarged photos or extra sessions. 

Between the different wedding packages options offered by the photographers in Hawaii, the chance that you will be able to find a package thats tailor-made for you are actually pretty good!

Typical Package Features

Though the details of photography packages are as diverse as the modern weddings they capture, most packages share some core features that allow for easy comparison.

  • Hours of photography- probably the biggest variation in packages is the number of hours a photographer will be present to shoot your wedding. Generally, package options start at 1 hour of photography and extend up to 8 hours, much like your own work day. However, most photographers are used to working up to as many as 14 hours at an event. These extra hours will come at an additional charge per photographer so check on their “overtime” pricing.
  • Number of photographers- package options also vary in the number of photographers who will be present at your wedding. While multiple photographers do increase the package price, they can also be a valuable investment. Multiple photographers mean that multiple angles and different loctions can be shot at the same time. For example, a wedding with two photographers can capture both the bride and groom’s smile or a treasured moment between the parents you never seen yourself until the photographs were presented. Even the best of single photographers can’t be in two places at once.
  • Location- some photography packages are location specific. Some of Hawaii’s most pristine natural areas are also difficult to access. When selecting a package, you should check to see if your location incurs an additional expense, permit or special access. Similarly, if you plan on having multiple locations for your wedding and reception, make sure that your package includes photography at more than one location, if there are travel charges or location fees that would be involved.
  • Editing- most packages will state that editing of your wedding photos is included in the package price. However, if this is not explicitly stated, you should contact the photographer to avoid incurring an additional cost. Nothing is more deflating than a pretty photo that could have been exquisite, with just a few professional edits.
  • Printing- probably the most important yet overlooked divergence of packages is in the final, printed products they offer. Most packages offer you full rights to your wedding photos (sometimes through a DVD or direct download online),  this will allow you to print them as you please. However, the prints you make of your photos are unlikely to be as brilliant as the prints offered directly from the photographers, who use a Professional Photographic lab. Different packages offer different professional prints. Some packages include coffee table books, enlargements, professional designed albums, and various numbers of 4X6, 5X7, and 8X12 and larger wall prints. In comparing packages, you should consider not only the size, quantity, and quality of the photos you would like to keep for yourself but also the quantity and quality of photos you want to send to your loved ones.

Wedding albums courtesy of Finao wedding ablumsWedding AlbumsHawaii Wedding Packages

Selecting Your Package: Some Do’s and Don’ts

Even focusing on the core features mentioned above, navigating your options can be tricky. In order to ensure that your photos are as magical and uniquely “you” as your wedding, you should always talk to  your photographer before you commit to a package.

  • Do discuss seeing product samples. If you plan on selecting a package with lots of professionally printed photos, you would be wise to make sure that your photographer is open to showing you samples of these products before they are printed. Samples will insure that your photographer is skilled in not only taking, but making beautiful final prints of your day.
  • Do discuss delivery date. Shooting a wedding is just the beginning of a photographer’s work. In order to deliver you with their best product, a photographer also has to allow time for editing and printing. You should talk about turn time for your display images online, printed proofs, albums and enlargements before committing. Your photographer should be able to give you general delivery times for all the products in your package before your wedding. Having an appointed delivery date can help satisfy photo-eager relatives or even your own nagging excitement!
  • Don’t neglect to talk about copy rights. Wedding copyright territory can feel a bit like walking by one of Hawaii’s rumbling volcanoes, if the photographer and the couple’s rights have not been outlined ahead of time. Having paid for and been the subject of the photography, it is natural that you might feel entitled to all rights to your photos. However, your photographs are actually copyrighted material under the federal copyright laws of the United States as intellectual property, much like the movies or music you love. This means that the photographer owns the full rights to the images produced. This law provides photographers the right to use your photos for advertisement or may prohibit you from posting their photos on your social media page. Because the legality of copy rights can be tricky, ask your photographer to have a discussion in laymen’s terms with you about what you will and will not be able to do with the photos once you receive them.  

Additional sessions

Your wedding is sure to be a magical event, but the journey up to your wedding and your newlywed adventures are likely to include their own share of enchanting moments. In order to capture your complete story, you might want to consider booking a photographer for extra sessions, such as engagement photos or trash-the-dress shoots. Some wedding photography packages include these, and they are a fantastic addition. If your photographer doesn’t include these ask about them.

Your Hawaiian wedding photos are a window into a natural paradise and into one of your life’s most dazzling moments. Use the advice above to keep a clear head while making decisions about your photography package, and your photos will be a treasure trove of memories, for life.  

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