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Photographing Wedding Emotions by Best Hawaii Wedding Photographers

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Photographing Wedding Emotions

When it comes to wedding photography, every couple anticipates something beautiful and unique that will help them recall their special day. Whether your big day is around the corner, or you’re merely looking for inspiration, this post is for you…

beach bride hawaiibride on beach in HawaiiHawaiian bride reflecting on her day

Over the years, looking through our lens, we have come to recognize the truth behind what actually makes a person photogenic. It’s not their physical appearance, it’s the inner beauty they emit when being their true selves. Everyone has it and we all see it in the people around us every day.

As a photographer, “It’s one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, it’s another thing all together, to make a portrait of who they are.” — Paul Caponigro.

As we shoot, we aim to capture that genuine happy laugh at your wedding, that person everyone becomes when they don't believe that the camera is on them. With every assignment, out photographers are looking for something special. We are looking for that inner glow that makes us fall in love with photography all over again.. As your photographer we watch, study and read mannerisms, facial expressions, anticipate emotions, and responses..... We capture all those little laughs, stolen kisses, and a couple's secret language for their lifetime of memories.

Anyone Can Capture A Picture, We Want More.

  • Photography of weddings & portraits is a reflection of you. It should be your natural self, the expression in a conversation between photographer and subject rather than the conversation itself.
  • Working with you, understanding who you are as a person and reaching that inner self in each of our clients is our goal.
  • We open up about ourselves as well. We let down our personal walls allowing our clients to do the same. Proven results of a relaxed portrait session or wedding is in your pictures. There is no better compliment than seeing someone smile at a photograph of themselves. Why do they smile? Because they see their inner beauty and they like what they see.

mermaid hawaii bridemermaid wedding dressHawaii bride taking advantage of her mermaid dress

Why Do Your Subjects Look So Natural?

The challenge we face as photographers is finding the balance between making emotive, spontaneous images vs. perfectly posed, smiling pictures. When you look back at the pictures you have taken in school as a kid vs the pictures you have taken with your mobile phone, you can understand where we are coming from. As your photographer, how do we strike that balance?

  • We invite couples and families to connect by sharing personal stories, memories, hopes and desires with one another. Maybe we talk to them about a recent life event, like their trip to Hawaii maybe?
  • “Everyone is a kid, some are just bigger than others”- imaginative play, word games, songs, and stories inspire kids of every age.
  • Hawaii is a beautiful place and we are blessed to work in such an amazing environment. It sometimes makes it a little too easy, to look for elements in the frame that we can focus on to tell the story our clients in photos.
  • One of the first things we consider on any session is beautiful lighting and backgrounds.
  • We tell our clients that pre-conceived expectations and a strict attempt to adhere to them causes stress and exactly the opposite of those expectations.  
  • Finally, we prepare everyone at the start to relax and be comfortable. Our job as their photographer is to take charge, allow them to be the big kids we know they all are and above all to have fun. When we give everyone the permission to be free of their daily or pre-conceived stress, immediately they enjoy our time together and without a doubt, their photographs will reflect their experience.

When you are the bride, you will want to remember all the emotions, fun, excitement, anticipation and experiences of that special day forever…

Your wedding photographs are more than just pictures of the day, they capture love, promise, memories, passion and joy. These are the images that endure, the images that you keep. These are your Hawaii wedding photographs, the once in a lifetime images you will never forget. - Aloha


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