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Jerry Omo Jr.



"E' komo mai" (Welcome), to our website.  I want to invite you to explore Hawaiianpix, the first wedding photography brands.  Co-founded In Hawaii by my wife and I in 2002, We're proud that Hawaiianpix will celebrate its 20th anniversary of Wedding photography in Hawaii. I know right?! “Some of the stories we could tell you.” 

My name is Jerry and I've had the pleasure of photographing couples from around the world, every single one with their own story, none of which are the same. From fun and quirky to formal, religious, small, big, beachy, churchy and even "farmy" Ok that's probably not a word but you know what I mean.

Regardless of what word defines YOUR perfect wedding in Hawaii, we wanna hear about it.  We have a very simple philosophy here. We build relationships with our couples through conversation. It might be over coffee, the internet, on the phone or in person. No matter how it happens our talks are free and paramount, to telling your wedding story.

This kind of talk story, philosophy is one of the things we have found over the years, that has provided some of the most memorable moments for our couples.

After bearing witness to literally thousands of weddings, there's one thing we know for sure, no two have ever been the same. 

We want to know about YOUR wedding dreams, ideas & plans. Our introduction sessions are free and we honestly can't wait to hear about your wedding plans, "farmy" or otherwise.

So, grab a seat in your comfy chair, a cup of coffee and let’s talk story about your wedding.  - Aloha 


A Lifetime Of Memories

In A Single Moment,


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