My Hawaiianpix Wedding Package Benefits

Online images

Your Images are Now Online! - This email will begin the journey for you.

  • All Weddings at Hawaiianpix are stored on our image service.
  • Access them using the identifications ID and Password received in your announcement email.
  • Haven't received your announcement email yet ?
  • Check the calendar most weddings take between 1 and 3 weeks to edit and place online
  • Things that affect your announcement time? The season and size of your wedding.
  • If you are still curious, you can contact us HERE

Access and Storage

All Hawaiianpix weddings are accessed through our client access page

  • You can get there right from our main menu, under "CLIENT ENTRY 
  • Your images will remain online for up to 90 day following their publication
  • If your images have gone offline, CONTACT US to learn how to get them back online. 

Sharing and Social Media

Did you know you could share your images online as soon as you access your gallery?

Wholesale Professional Printing

Want professional printing with our lab at wholesale prices? You've already got it!

  • Enjoy wholesale professional laboratory prints delivered right to your door
  • It's already a part of your wedding package purchase
  • Order straight from the website where your images are stored
  • Receive the HIGHEST Quality professional prints guaranteed 
  • This ain't no amatuer lab, these prints come from the same lab we use for our studio samples

Printed Proofs

If you have printed proofs as part of your package start checking your mailbox!

  • Upon publication of your online gallery, your proofs will be sent for printing
  • They will arrive at your doorstep within 7-14 business days.
  • Once they arrive, they are ready to proudly be displayed on your coffee table


When will I get that big beautiful book of photos from my wedding?

  • Most wedding albums arrive 4-8 weeks after your images have gone online
  • The professional design process has already begun by the time you see your online images
  • Once completed the design is sent to our album company for printing and binding
  • You will receive the album directly from us after a full inspections

Downloadable Files

When can I download my wedding pictures?

  • Begin today, here are a few guidelines
  • Give yourself some time.
  • Make sure you have plenty of storage these images are BIG
  • Store your images in more than one location
  • Because computers can be BAD!
  • We suggest an external hard drive
  • AND cloud storage for your images
  • This way you always have a backup!
  • Follow this link to view a video on HOW TO DOWNLOAD YOUR WEDDING FILES

Print Release

Just the facts ma'am

  • If you print your images at another lab ( not through our site ) You'll need this
  • Why? because professional photographs are copyrighted material
  • By law print houses are required to request a copy of your release.
  • Hawaiianpix works in a professional color space when photographing and editing our work
  • We do not guarantee the same quality of color, density or clarity of your images at other labs.
  • Instructions on how to get your digital files and print release are in your announcement email.