Photo Editing Information

High Quality images come from High quality files. Hawaiianpix photographs all of their images in the widest commercially printable color space and dynamic range available, allowing the absolute highest quality possible from your original images. This quality must be maintained through out the edting process to insure the best final results for your digital or printed files. Below are examples of our editing guidelines and the associated costs of getting the best from your images.

Editing Examples and Pricing


Un-Edited: This "out of camera" RAW format provide an amazing base image to begin our editing process with however, it isn't really usable until it is actually edited. This very large image is in a binary code with no color or filter corrections added prior to use.




Basic Image Editing

Basic Editing Includes: Color, Density, Cropping & a minor amount of vignette control around the image. This is the base editing that is automatically included in all our portrait packages. This level of editing is nearly automatic and required to provide a proper viewing quality for our clients.



Classic Image Editing

Classic Editing Upgrade Includes:  Basic editing plus any straightening backgound distraction removal, color and density enhancements that are recognized as being needed by the editor. This is the most common upgrade by our customers. 




Choice Image Editing

Choice Editing Upgrade Includes: Basic & Classic edits plus, Acne, Skin control.




Prime Image Editing

Prime Editing Upgrade Includes: Basic, Classic & Choice edits plus, Skin and facial smoothing/sculpting, teeth whitening, hair, and  clothing adjustments as needed.