Hawaiianpix Customer Service FAQ

Customer service can cover a wide range of questions and concerns from our clients. We have created this video library of FAQ's for our customers to review in the event they are unable to reach us due to time differences and during times when our office is closed. Please look for the category that relates to the problem or question you might have and then click on any of the topics to review the video for that topic. We do hope that this helps our clients quickly answer their specific questions about our services or products. If you don't see the topic you are interested in learning more about, please contact our office Tuesday - Saturday from 9 am to 6pm Hawaiian Standard Time. Contact Us



Gallery Information

Accessing Your Photo Gallery At Hawaiianpix

You've received your email announcing your images have been published on our server. You're just not sure how to access your images. The answer is in this video. Accessing your images online from any computer or mobile device is as easy as following these simple steps. 

Save Your Favorite Photos For Quick Access

Having a hard time finding your favorite images in your gallery? The task can be very time consuming if you try to access your images each and every time. Searching for those special shots that you know are going to look great on your wall. Following these simple steps on in your gallery will insure you are always choosing the right image. You can even share your favorites with others to get their input. 

Sharing Your Photos On Social Media

Can't wait to share your images with all your friends and family? Go ahead share away, all of our published images are able to be shared on the most popular social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest. Don't see your favorite, that's ok. You can also share your images via email or even download the proof size to share on any social media site you wish. 

Redeem Your Pre-Purchased Product Codes

Did you pre-purchase a print or digital package from us? Perfect! You have probably saved both time and money by doing so. Now see how you can redeem the product code you received in your announcement email. If you haven't gotten a discount from us for ordering, check your announcement email closely. There is a special link a the bottom of each email you receive so you can get discounted products directly from Hawaiianpix Photography. 

Download Your Wedding or Portrait Photographs

Hawaii wedding & portrait photographer Hawaiianpix, is pleased to offer fully edited, downloadable images to their clients as a part of their regular wedding and many of their portrait photography packages. This video will walk you through the download and storage process of your images from our website. 

Download Your Corporate Advertising Photographs from our site

Hawaii commercial advertising and headshot photographer Hawaiianpix, is pleased to offer fully edited, downloadable images to our corporate clients through our website. This video will provide you with instruction on how to download your images in multiple sizes or share them on social media, right from our website. 

Common Questions - Watermarking

Watermarking of images has been used in the United States since the late 1800's when photographers would sign their images as a way of branding their company and protecting intellectual property as an artist. Ironically this watermarking was not a "legal act" according to the Copyright laws of the United States, until the late 1980's. Our company has been watermarking our images since it's inception in 1988 and continue to do so in this digital age. as a protection for both our brand and our customer.